Ripple: Coming Soon to German Soccer [Startup of the Month]

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Ripple is a new, cutting-edge performance acceleration app that benefits both athletes and coaches.

With Ripple’s intuitive interface, players can review their daily progress toward personal short- and long-term goals, and also see their impact on their team. Coaches can view real-time analytics for individual players, groups of players, or the entire team. In addition, Ripple allows coaches to push data, track statistics, and instantly communicate with their entire organization.

The inspiration came from the day-to-day lives of founders Angie and Timo Sandritter, who found that taking daily, attainable steps helped them achieve their personal goals.

“We couldn’t NOT do it. It’s a life principle that kept impacting our lives,” Angie says. “Ripple takes daily, single, maintainable drops – daily steps in the direction you want to go – that over time create a roaring wave, AKA impact. Yet, our culture is an instant-gratification generation, and we give up too quickly without achieving our goals. Ripple is designed to provide the regular rewards and intelligence to keep people on track to achieve their goals.”

Ripple is now launching its alpha program with a player app and dashboards for coaches and trainers. The initial application will launch with monitoring, film and surveys, goals and analytics, calendaring, and contacts. Beginning next spring, Ripple will be part of the training regimen of some professional teams in Germany.

“Our biggest challenge is time – getting the timing right with funding, development, and the team’s playing season,” Angie says. “We need to develop the app to get to results in the right window of time that we build momentum.  Toni, with Urban Engine, has been great to connect us and support us in this effort.”

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