Noah Huber-Feely [Humanoids of Huntsville]

Noah Huber-Feely is a self-taught programmer who codes in nine languages and lead the Hackster.iogroup at CoWorking Night. He also serves as CTO at LifeTriage and freelance developer at Mountain Outfitters in Tennessee. And that’s all before taking his first college class—though not before exploring a few other paths along the way. “I had a really deep interest in logic and checked out some textbooks—it wasn’t programming initially,” Noah says. “As soon as I started writing code, I instantly realized this is what I have been missing all my life.”

As for those other paths? “I have been trying to sate this burning desire and passion with logic and writing fiction, (but) what I really am passionate about is programming,” he says. “Making the digital world have a physical impact and presence in the physical one.”