Homegrown Huntsville [Startup of the Month]

Homegrown Huntsville [Startup of the Month]

Founded in 2012, the company came about while Ashley Ryals was planning a downtown pub tour as a member of the Huntsville Young Professionals board. Expecting 30 to 40 people to attend, Ashley was surprised when…

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Urban Engine Presents: 32/10 Speaker Series with Amanda Kruse, Founder/CEO Discount Divas

Urban Engine is honored to be able to host a fireside chat with Amanda Halpin-Kruse, founder/CEO of Discount Divas. Amanda will share how she got the idea to start her Discount Divas when she was a nurse at Huntsville Hospital and within 3 years she has reached $1M/month in revenue. Key takeaways from Amanda's story will include: How she transitioned from RN to Business Owner and has consistently grown her business. How she was able to use Facebook to increase sales and build her customer base. Milestones that she considered to be indicators that her business was heading in the right direction and how she's using those to set future goals.

Urban Engine Podcast #12: How to Deal with Customers in 2018

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Toni and Matt are joined in this special episode by Brandon Kruse, founder/CEO of CommentSold to discuss all aspects of serving customers in the modern market. Topics discussed range from handling customer problems, how to measure customer satisfaction through surveys, properly qualifying customers to avoid problems in the first place, and more.

Urban Engine Podcast #10: How to Learn Something New /w Andy McCloy

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In this episode, Matt and LJ talk with Andy McCloy of Body Creations about the art of becoming an eternal learning. Learn how to develop a habit of learning and improving yourself and your business.

Mercedes-Benz Selects Two Start-ups to Receive $50,000 as Part of ‘Innovation Challenge’ [AutoSuccess]

Urban Engine is proud to be a partner of the MBUSI Innovation Challenge. Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc. (MBUSI) selected two start-ups to receive $50,000 each as part of its “MBUSI Innovation Challenge,” an initiative aimed at engaging Alabama’s thriving startup community to tackle critical challenges faced in automotive production flow management, big data efficiencies and digital communications.

“It was extremely inspiring and worthwhile traveling the distance from Germany to Alabama to be a part of the MBUSI Innovation Challenge,” said Markus Schaefer, member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Production and Supply Chain Management.   Schaefer said that Plant Tuscaloosa has come a long way since 1993, and with Industry 4.0, electric vehicles and tools like the MBUSI Innovation Challenge, the plant is taking the next step.

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