Urban Engine Podcast #12: How to Deal with Customers in 2018

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Toni and Matt are joined in this special episode by Brandon Kruse, founder/CEO of CommentSold to discuss all aspects of serving customers in the modern market. Topics discussed range from handling customer problems, how to measure customer satisfaction through surveys, properly qualifying customers to avoid problems in the first place, and more.

Urban Engine Podcast #10: How to Learn Something New /w Andy McCloy

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In this episode, Matt and LJ talk with Andy McCloy of Body Creations about the art of becoming an eternal learning. Learn how to develop a habit of learning and improving yourself and your business.

Urban Engine Podcast #9: How to Build Your Personal Network (/w Kevin Fernandez)

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You've been told that networking is important. "It's not what you know, it's who you know" and "Your network is your net worth" are common quotes.

But, how do you actually network with others and build your personal circle? For most of us, it doesn't come naturally, and it's not taught in school. Matt and Toni talk with networking guru Kevin Fernandez about how to build your network the right way.

Urban Engine Podcast #8: The Power of Persistence (/w Kevin Fernandez)

The team talks about the Power of Persistence with Kevin Fernandez of Fernandez Financial Group in Huntsville, Alabama. Shares the story of how he almost gave up right before hitting his goal of achieving a journey of struggle in paradise.

Urban Engine Podcast #7: Brandon Kruse on Competition & More

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Brandon Kruse of CommentSold joins our podcast moderators Matt & Toni to talk about managing relationships in entrepreneurship, thinking about competitors, the power of an abundance mindset, and his favorite downtime hobby at Huntsville West.

Urban Engine Podcast #6: Get Motivated

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Matt, Toni, and Trey talk tips, tactics, and routines to get motivated and stay that way. The team also talks about the power of great customer experiences and how key customer experience is to achieving success in the current market.