Event Details

New Leaf Digital and Stand Up Live Huntsville are pairing up for a comedy hackathon like no one (in Huntsville) has done before. 

Watch this video to gather the jist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZfR3PF-l1g

On Wednesday, Sept. 6, stand-up comics will pair up with a team of innovators to come up with a concept for an app or website that will, "Change The World". Teams will use CoWorking Night as a starting point to form ideas and work on "pitches" before presenting at Stand Up Live in front of a live audience. 

This is just for fun. In other words this doesn't have to be a million dollar idea, we want something silly or creative.

WHEN: Wednesday September 6th, 2017 starting at 6:00pm
WHAT: A work session for teams to work on their ideas and products
WHO: Anyone of any age or background. No technical skills required.
WHERE: CoWorking Night @ Real Estate Row, 1806 University Drive NW Huntsville, AL. 35801
ENTRY COST: FREE to participate

Ideas will be presented in stand up format before a live audience at Stand Up Live on Sunday, Sept. 10. All participants of the hackathon will receive free admission to the show: http://standuplivehuntsville.laughstub.com/event.cfm?cart&id=494106




Wednesday September 6th, 2017
6:00 pm

  • Arrive at CoWorking Night in the Real Estate Row building off Pratt Ave.
  • Find a comedian to talk about comedy and give pointers
  • Play Example Presentations from youtube
  • Short presentation on the challenge and rules
  • Innovators will be split up into teams of 3-5 people

7:00 pm - 10:00pm

  • Teams will collaborate to work on their pitch presentation and prototype


Sunday September 10th, 2017

  • Team submissions are due


  • Arrive at Stand Up Live on Parkway Ave.
  • Teams will have 4-5 minutes to pitch the product to a panel of judges


  • Judges will Judge and declare one team a winner




  • Teams should consist of 2 - 5 people.
  • Each team must base their product on the category provided by the Event Sponsor.
  • Teams are encouraged to recruit, collaborate, and ask for feedback with any CoWorkers who are not participating in the event.
  • Work can be outsourced to remote workers, if possible.


  • Teams will retain all rights and ownerships of their ideas and products. We’re only here to laugh at your ideas not steal them.

Judging Criteria 

Creativity - 33%
Entertainment value of the presentation - 33%
Overall operation of the app/website - 33%


What is the cost?
Tickets for the pitch event at Stand Up Live are $15. However, there is no cost to participate in a team. Teams who participate will get into the pitch event at Stand Up Live for free as well.
How do a register a team to participate?
Come to CoWorking Night on Wednesday September 6th, 2017 to Sign up your team. Although we encourage to work on your app at CoWorking night, you do not have to stay the entire night.
When can teams start working on apps?
When are projects due?
Project submissions are due on Sunday September 10th, 2017 at 3:00pm
Do apps need to function?
We’re encouraging functioning apps to be developed, however, prototypes are accepted. Just keep in mind that judges will be judging on app function. Basically, we’re looking for app prototypes that look good and demonstrate functionality. 
What if I don’t have team?
That’s alright! Come to CoWorking Night on Wednesday September 6th, 2017 and we will find a team for you!


Kickoff Presentation
Here is our presentation we used to kickoff the event


Example Pitches
Here are some ideas on what we’re looking for


Pitch Template
Feel free to use this Pitch Template for the presentation:


Graphic Design Software
These are some of the recommend Graphic Design tools that can be used:


Prototyping Software
These are some of the recommend prototyping tools that can be used: