HudsonAlpha to host BioTech Hackathon in Huntsville

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology will host the second HudsonAlpha Tech Challenge February 22-24, 2019. This life sciences hackathon brings together students and professionals who attempt to solve challenges using an emerging technology, and apply it to biotech and the life sciences.

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Startup of the Month: VIDEO GAME DESIGN CLUB

Startup of the Month: VIDEO GAME DESIGN CLUB

The Next Generation of Kids in Tech?!

Video Game Design Club is a Huntsville-based startup that offers an ongoing educational experience for pre-teens and young adults interested in making video games from scratch.  In addition to messing with real code, VGDC focuses on real world education about graphic design, animation, creative writing, audio engineering, and logistical mechanics for an immersive end-to-end curriculum that is designed to get kids from novice to well-versed experts within their own individual skill sets.

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Meet our Humanoid of Huntsville; Jonathan Heath!

Meet our Humanoid of Huntsville; Jonathan Heath!

The Real Superman: Jonathan Heath

Jonathan Heath was involved with a startup before he decided to move on to a more established company. His reasoning? It was the best way to eventually get back to startup life. 

“I knew that startup was now in a different phase and was not a growth environment for me any longer,” Jonathan says. “I wanted to learn a bit more about how product development can be done before using that in any new ventures."

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4 Hours To Product


`Internet of Things`

4 Hours to Product™ is a structured development program facilitated by Alabama's leading nonprofit ideation accelerator, Urban Engine, to help structure and complete your minimum viable product (MVP) idea-- in 4 hours or less! This is a free community platform for young and seasoned professionals to collaborate, expand their skill sets, and build a demonstrated technical solution that could become a marketable product for real world industry.

It's free to join, fun to do, and gets your ideas off the ground floor! This is an event for anyone interested in learning about what is Internet of Things, solve challenging problems, and building technology concepts into fruition. Learn about the uniquely dynamic industry of IoT, expand your professional skill sets, and build an idea into a marketable product. The Urban Engine volunteer team will guide you throughout the session for getting it done and demonstrating your capability to collaborate, think big and start small!

Huntsville planners tap into city's geeky side with Reddit Q&A input []

Planning for the future means talking to the people and in this Rocket City tech town, those in charge are doing that in a way they haven't before. The Huntsville subreddit has almost 14,000 people using it. City planners are tapping into Huntsville's geeky side to reach more people across platforms.

At local tech and business nonprofit Urban Engine, thinking about the future is the name of the game and using Reddit makes sense. The city just launched their BIG Picture master plan digitally. Now they need to know what questions and concerns you have about your city for the future. 

"I think that's Huntsville's personality," said Toni Eberhart, the Executive Director of Urban Engine. "We've got a lot of people [in the area] who are into technology and they're online."

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Urban Engine Presents 32/10 Speaker Series with Glimpse K-12

Urban Engine is honored to be able to host a fireside chat with CoFounders of Glimpse K12, Nicole Pezent and Adam Pearson. Nicole and Adam will share how they first got the idea to start their Education Return on Investment concept when working in the city and, within just 2 years, they have gone through the famous Y Combinator program to accelerate education reform throughout the city.

Key takeaways from their startup story will include:

* How they transitioned from Sales Director to Business Owner and have consistently grown their business.

* Glimpse K-12 is the only company from Alabama to be accepted into the Y Combinator program after applying 3 times before they were accepted!

* Milestones considered to be critical indicators of their business heading in the right direction and how they're using those to set future goals.

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