Urban Engine Podcast #23 The Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

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In the Urban Engine podcast, we discuss entrepreneurship and success. We interview local entrepreneurs in Alabama and the South, discuss how to succeed, and how to propel your idea forward.

In episode #23 of the podcast, the team discusses differences between bosses and leaders


Jorge Lima founded Civil Axe Throwing with his wife Erin. Coming from a counseling background and

desire to some day be a pastor (Jorge has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Evangel University

in Missouri before moving to Huntsville), he has been very mindful about his role as a leader and

fostering the right environment in his businesses (he also founded Huntsville Escape Rooms before

getting into axes). Jorge talks about the importance of moving with your team and doing the hard work

side-by-side instead of sitting back barking orders like a boss from the sidelines. He talks about how his

education in psychology has led him to implement various techniques that are impactful to his team. He

discusses how true leaders foster an environment that is 3 things… purposeful, influential and positive.

With 7 Civil Axe Throwing locations now open in the southeast and glowing reviews from customers,

Jorge and Erin have been able to leverage their backgrounds into a rapidly growing fun business and are

mastering the customer experience.


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