Huntsville hosting International Space Apps Challenge

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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Exciting news for the city of Huntsville and the entire Tennessee Valley, all thanks to NASA.

Every year more than 180 cities from around the world participate in the International Space Apps Challenge. NASA chooses one city to host the big event and this year it’s going to be right here in Huntsville.

"This is just fantastic for this community. I hope everybody realizes what a big deal this is for us to be the main stage event,” said Harold Brewer, with Intuitive Research and Technology.

Participants will have 48 hours to complete a task and challenge given by NASA officials. Event organizers say they might be similar to last years.

“Predictive analysis for when landslides will occur, how to let first responders know as quick as possible when a forest fire has broken out, but there will also be challenges that pertain to space,” said Toni Eberhart, with urban Engine.

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