Huntsville shines in 2018 NASA International Space Apps Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Space Apps Huntsville competition, held at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center Oct. 19-21!  Two of these teams advance to the global competition later this year.

High School Winners:

1st Place: PhD (Girl Scout Team) – “Don’t Forget the Can Opener” – $3K – advances to global competition
2nd Place: Frosted Snakes – “Find My Cryosphere” – $1K

College/Professional Winners:

1st Place – K2-18 – “On The Shoulders of Giants” (Lojix Team) – $3K – Advances to global competition
2nd Place – Pyro Pandas – “Spot That Fire” (Intuitive Research Team) – $1K

Merit Awards:

Lean Forward Fail Smart – $500
Winner:  The Lit-uation

Best Teamwork Award – $500
Winner:   Envision

Best Use of Creativity – $500
Winner: Nebula

Champions of Innovation – $500
Winner:  Health Shine