Join the HypeWave Movement


HypeWave is a social platform that aims to help people become influencers in their area. Founded in 2016 by James Montgomery, Matthew York and Tresston Ray, HypeWave helps artists/talent build their influence from the bottom up – without having to know any insider tricks.

“We found that talented people can have a hard time becoming influencers on other platforms if they don’t understand algorithms and pay-to-play tricks,” says James, who serves as CEO. “Our platform eliminates those obstacles and helps you become an influencer. And once you do that, we connect you with brands that are looking for people in specific area.”

“We wanted to provide everybody – no matter where you’re from – with an outlet to be successful and follow your passion. It’s all organic. It’s all about how people really feel about what you do.”

The HypeWave app currently has four categories – fashion, art, music and dance – although the company plans to expand as the app grows. Instead of relying on follower counts, HypeWave measures influence through upvoting and social engagement. The platform is open to users in any location.

To learn more and perhaps download the app, visit the official site: