Makers & Artists Get More With Gallery Gig


Gallery Gig is a Huntsville-based startup that’s changing the way art is shown, marketed, and sold. With Gallery Gig, artists can display and sell their art anywhere, whether it’s in a hotel, doctor’s office, or airport. Consumers can use their cell phone to purchase the art they are viewing without a sales person being involved.

“Internet art sales first outsold traditional art galleries in 2012 and are devastating the brick-and-mortar galleries more every year,” says Cliff Loehr, Gallery Gig’s founder, inventor, engineer, web developer, owner, and first artist.

“Selling art online means reducing your art to small thumbnails and competing with thousands of other artists in an online marketplace. Gallery Gig brings original works of art back to real walls where people can appreciate it while enabling any venue to support the art community.”

As a photographer looking to sell his own work, Cliff found that online art galleries tended to prioritize eye candy over story telling. And when he tried third-party venues like coffee shops and restaurants, his experience taught him that the priority for those venues was always their own business and products.

“If they did let me show my art, finding the right art to complement the venue’s ambiance was the biggest challenge along with the staff not knowing the story behind the art,” Cliff says. “I also learned very few of these venues have a [Point of Sale] system for selling art... It is not only a burden on their staff, but a liability at tax time. Gallery Gig is my solution to all these road blocks.”

Gallery Gig is currently partnering with a developer team on a app that will make it easier to find and buy art, as well as follow your favorite artists. To learn more about Gallery Gig, or to view works of local art, visit