Crisy Meschieri Dyment [Humanoids of Huntsville]



For Crisy Meschieri Dyment, good design isn’t just about solving puzzles. It’s also about seeking out one specific smile.

“It’s pulling together elements for that specific product or that specific service or that specific person, finding what makes them unique, and then using the skills that you’ve acquired over your years of being alive to actually help them,” she says. “And then, seeing that smile at the end, where they’re like, ‘This is exactly what I had in mind,’ or ‘This is even better than what I had in mind.’ That’s when you think, ‘OK, this is great.’”

Originally from DC, Crisy relocated to Huntsville in 2014 and quickly built a new freelance business ( specializing in advertising, illustration and branding. Moving to Alabama meant leaving behind family and a full-time design gig. But with clients like Discovery and Airbus in her freelance portfolio, Crisy has developed new perspective on the positives of freelancing.

“It’s different style guides, different companies, different logos, different colors, different people every day,” she says. “So it’s continuously posing new challenges for yourself, and trying to meet them and pass expectations.”

Another new challenge: Luring Huntsville’s designers “out of the woodworks” for Designers Corner Huntsville, a CoWorking Night group Crisy manages. But while her primary goal is to bring other designers’ creativity, Crisy says anyone can benefit from the workshop.

“People don’t think they can do design if they’re not artistic, but everyone’s creative in some way, everyone’s a designer in some way,” she says. “The way you dress yourself, how you arrange your things at home – you’re making design choices, you just don’t realize that that’s what you’re doing.”