Genevieve Teel [Humanoids of Huntsville]


"Engineering was that link between the problem solving world and the creative world. You get to solve creative problems or solve technical problems, creatively. Engineering is such a good platform; if I decided that I would like to become a chef one day, it has given me such a good foundation for problem solving, efficiency, and systematic approaches to things.

I’ve always wanted to have my own business one day, but I’ve never had an idea with the right inspiration. It’s sort of like how do I fit the pieces together that’s not only unique, but something that I would continually want to pour into. It’s not so much that these are all bad ideas, they’re just not the right ones. What I love about Huntsville is its ability and openness to reinvent itself, and the beauty of this organization is that you build a community. So, when I do have an idea where I’m like “oh my God guys, this is it” I know there will be a bunch of people that will be ready to support me."