Nathan Klose [Humanoids of Huntsville]


If you’re an advertising type, you might know Nathan Klose's name from his work with brands like Disney, MarvelESPN and Books-A-Million. If you’re from Georgia, you may be able to spot his face as the bearer of Augusta’s best mustache in 2012 (no, seriously). And if you’re a regular at CoWorking Night, you probably remember him as that creative guy who loves to learn about stuff.

Lots and lots of stuff.

“(CoWorking Night) is all the ebullience of walking into a very condensed college and seeing a bunch of different courses you can sit in on and audit,” Nathan says. “You can audit whatever you want to audit. You can strike up a conversation with someone and learn more than you ever intended to learn."

“That's beautiful to me.”

Originally from the Augusta area, Nathan is the mind behind Nate K. (, which offers clients creative direction, business strategy, branding, messaging and more. To deliver a genuinely human creative experience, Nate can draw upon a wide-ranging C.V. that (so far) includes speaking for TEDx, teaching creative writing, serving as a creative director, singing opera, and bartending for 80-year-old women.

But for all that experience, Nathan says he only found a community of like-minded individuals after he relocated to Huntsville.

“I have worked for startups, I have worked for large corporations and institutions, I have worked in academia, I have done a number of different things—but those weren’t my people,” Nate says. “Coming to CoWorking Night, I have met the people who are my people.”