Zachary Pope [Humanoids of Huntsville]

A Sales and Marketing Specialist by day, Zachary A Pope is working by night with his wife to take over Iron City Trading, their family’s natural bath products business. He’s also the voice behind The Half Hour Manager, a podcast that aims to help fellow entrepreneurs grow their own businesses. “I have this thing: I want to give things to people for free,” Zach says. “I want to give you advice; I want to help you grow your business and I’m not interested in charging. When I do the right thing and act like a human being, life takes care of me.”

And if life is taking care of him, Zach says he wants to pass that on to others. “You make decent decisions, you care for other human beings, you understand that everyone is a human regardless of who they are,” he says. “You treat people that way and people just treat you different. The podcast is my way of doing this.”