Never forget an important gift again - with Presently!


Presently makes it easy to give your friends and loved ones unique and thoughtful gifts in a few simple steps. Users can choose to purchase a gift for anyone at any time, or let Presently remind them of an upcoming gifting occasion. 

CEO Lee Todd came up with the idea for Presently after nearly forgetting to buy a gift for someone important in his life.

“It was a crazy week at work and we were distracted and life crept up on us. At the 11th hour we remembered and raced around town to find something presentable,” he says. “Naturally, we started looking for an app to help us avoid situations like this in the future. While there were reminder apps, and shopping apps, no one at that time had really put all the pieces together to offer a service that would help you find a gift, purchase it, and remind you of other important dates for that person, all in one app.”

Unlike similar services, Presently partners with small, local businesses around the country and around the world. This helps Presently offer gifts that are often handmade by artisans and craftspeople who are passionate about their work.

In the short-term, Presently’s goal is to follow the “Build, Measure, Learn” philosophy, gathering feedback from users and improving user experience. Long-term, Lee’s aim is to make Presently less of a store and more of a platform where users and suppliers both benefit from the Presently marketplace.

“From the beginning, Urban Engine – through groups like CoWorking Night and 32/10 – have been excellent venues for us to meet highly intelligent, passionate people who have become some of our most trusted sources when exploring new ideas from a business, technology, and UX perspective,” Lee says. “We are so glad that Urban Engine exists and is helping to push our entrepreneurial community forward.”