Carly Seldon [Humanoids of Huntsville]

Carly Seldon.jpg

Back when she worked in hotels, Carly Seldon learned how to do a little of everything. From front desk to events to housekeeping and even maintenance, there was always something new to learn.

Until there wasn’t.

“I felt like, in the position I was in, in the place where I was, I had learned as much as I could possibly learn,” Carly says. “And so, being there was kind of just a waste of my time, basically.”

No chance of that in her new position as Events Manager with Urban Engine. After taking the job this past summer, Carly has found that it fits well with her love of learning – about both new ideas and new people.

“I just really loved what Urban Engine was doing in the community,” she says. “Huntsville is growing, but it still kind of has a very small-town mentality. So I liked that there were bigger ideas being brought into Huntsville, instead of the same old stuff. And I liked the idea of all kinds of people coming together, just creating things.”

And what will Carly create? Currently, she’s exploring a podcast concept called “Let Me Tell You Something,” which will cover various perspectives of life in general.

“I just like seeing anything from a different perspective, or meeting people from different situations or backgrounds,” Carly says. “Or how I can be in a situation and handle it a certain way, or see it from one perspective – and you can see it from another perspective that’s didn’t even cross my mind. I just like to have my mind blown.”