4 Hours To Product


`Internet of Things`

4 Hours to Product™ is a structured development program facilitated by Alabama's leading nonprofit ideation accelerator, Urban Engine, to help structure and complete your minimum viable product (MVP) idea-- in 4 hours or less! This is a free community platform for young and seasoned professionals to collaborate, expand their skill sets, and build a demonstrated technical solution that could become a marketable product for real world industry.

It's free to join, fun to do, and gets your ideas off the ground floor! This is an event for anyone interested in learning about what is Internet of Things, solve challenging problems, and building technology concepts into fruition. Learn about the uniquely dynamic industry of IoT, expand your professional skill sets, and build an idea into a marketable product. The Urban Engine volunteer team will guide you throughout the session for getting it done and demonstrating your capability to collaborate, think big and start small!