Second Chance Games & Visual Effects

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Second Chance Games & Visual Effects (2cgvfx) provides digital asset production, 3D scanning, and consulting for the games, visual effects, and 3D visualization industries. Co-founded by Hartselle resident Iven V. Holt in 2014, 2cgvfx has built an impressive client list that includes TV shows “The Walking Dead,” “Star Trek: Discovery,” and “Sleepy Hollow.”

Before working in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), Iven tried his hand at photography and struggled with a business where he carved wooden bas-reliefs with a CNC router.

“I just really wanted to do things with my hands,” he says. “I've been an artist all my life and I've delved into many aspects of it from graphic design to creating videos and motion graphics.”

After years of grinding, Iven crossed paths with a Huntsville native who introduced him to the world of scanning objects.  The two eventually incorporated 2cgvfx in Georgia, and Iven now serves as President of the company.  That is, when he’s not spreading the good word about 3D scanning and digital asset production.

“This to me is a very exciting time,” he says “It gives anyone with a dream the chance to explore much much easier within a game engine world to create their masterpiece to show the world.”

While Iven’s enthusiasm is undeniable, he has also experienced the struggles every entrepreneur faces.

“I struggle. I get depressed. I want to quit at times,” Iven says. “...Some days I don't know when the next job is coming. I pray every night and release my worries – at least try to. And things tend to break loose. I'll get an email about a job. A call about someone interested in VR/AR. Things seem to work out when you least expect it to!”

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