Andrey Biglari [Humanoids of Huntsville]


Early last year, Andrey Biglari was looking for a specific type of USB stick when he ran into a problem. As a web developer, he wanted something that fit on his keychain to help him keep track of the drive easily. But after scouring the existing market, nothing seemed quite right. 

Which, in hindsight, represented more of an opportunity than a problem. 

“I found (flash drive) caps online, but they just didn’t do a good job,” Andrey says. “So I took it upon myself to make a better design. That was the first initiative.”

That initiative turned into Sticky Port, which attaches to your keychain to secure a type-A USB stick. Lost drives are no longer an issue, thanks to Andrey’s innovative tinkering -- which is a longtime habit for him.

“For me it’s always just been, what can I create next?” says Andrey, whose C.V. also includes a game called Rotago among other projects. “And I have plans for this (Sticky Port) as well. I don’t want to stop here. I want to keep going.”

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